My inspiration comes from many places. It can be fueled by a perfume, a conversation with a friend, a travel, a woman or an attitude. The authenticity of these things lead me into creating timeless pieces.
I simply love to see my clients feel beautiful, happy and vibrant with the Carlyles Lifestyle.
I especially love to see them wearing my luxury pieces created in limited edition by hand with love, tradition and respect for the environment. "



Forms the foundation for a personal and meaningful wardrobe that transcends time.
Following that conscious approach, our pieces are long-lasting investment creations
for today's Men and Women.


We created a range of essentials.

These giving enduring style signature pieces will be available throughout the year.
Explore with them a personal and timeless wardrobe for Men and Women.
Designed for luxury living and in collaboration with modern garment manufacturers,
we are proud to say that every part of our fabrication process happens in France.


Our leather goods are hand-made in our atelier based in Paris, France.
Using high quality leather, our great artisans have mastered the traditional hand-sewn technique, a savoir-faire of excellence.
These made to order bags are taking a minimum of three days to produce
and will be crafted by order of acquisition.


Our atelier of Couture creates unique hand-made pieces in collaboration with the best craftsmen recognized as "Metiers d'Art" and contemporary artists.
These partnerships allows them to use new materials and techniques,
responding perfectly to specific requests.
We provide a made to measure service with a contemporary reinvention of Savoir-Faire.


We are convinced of the importance of acting for the Planet.
On the issue of sustainability, we are committed to reduce our environmental impact in a sustainable and ethical way during the whole design and manufacturing process of our collections.

We strive to apply uncompromising quality standards and use innovative techniques and textiles.
We manufacture the majority of our products on demand in order to reduce and control stocks.
We avoid mass production and manufacturing surpluses.
This also allows us to have a better control over the individual quality of our products.
Our packaging incorporates recycled paper and is fully recyclable.

We also have a list of projects and actions we want to bring forward in the future,
throughout the development of the brand.
Thanks to your help, you will be able to witness over the years our impact on this world.